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About the Project

We are an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded research project spanning across four universities with a focus on young children’s participation rights in the lower primary setting. Our research aims to establish teaching practices that embed young children's participative rights in classrooms and schools. We are working with a range of individuals and organisations across the project such as teachers, higher education institutions, professional learning opportunities and of course children. 

On our website you can find out more about all parts of the project, including information on our team, funders, and partners. We are also a centre for all things related to children’s participation in schools, with our resource hub designed to provide valuable information and for those interested in promoting and fostering children's participation rights in educational settings. In addition to the resources, the project also has blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about our research. Please also explore the information about events and news including upcoming training sessions, conferences and webinars in the News section of the website.


Latest News & Events

New Article: Children in Wales Winter edition


We are pleased to announce our project is featured in the winter edition of the Children in Wales magazine! Follow the link to see our article alongside some other insightful pieces related to children’s issues in Wales. 

Children in Wales: 30th Anniversary Celebration Event


This event, held in the Neuadd in the Senedd, celebrates 30 years of Children in Wales. This event will also see the launch of a celebratory book, ‘Pause, Play, Fast-Forward: The Journey of Children in Wales’ which has been written by a group of young volunteers.  

Event: Children's Participation in Schools Symposium


You are invited to a seminar where we will present our findings from the first phase of this exciting ESRC-funded research project, where we explored: 
- a critical analysis of the position of teachers in Wales regarding children’s participative rights in education, and 
- how students in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) are prepared for this responsibility. 
Join us to find out more and discuss the implications of this phase of the research, as well as hear about the second phase in which we are working with schools across Wales to explore the pedagogical implications of children’s participation. 
This online event is on: Thursday 18th January from 3.30 – 5pm

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Project Partners

This website was designed for the Children’s Participation in Schools research project; a collaborative project among the University of the West of England, Swansea University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Cardiff Metropolitan University, funded by the Education Research Programme at the Economic Social Research Council.

Trinity Saint David