Our children's participation in schools research project has a specific focus on lower primary classrooms in Wales, targeting children aged 5 to 7 years old. The primary aim of our project is to explore and examine pedagogic practices that embed participatory rights while consistently attending to young children's voices and agency.

We recognise the importance of creating inclusive and empowering learning environments where young children can actively participate in decision-making processes and have their voices heard.

By exploring current pedagogic practices in lower primary classrooms, we aim to uncover ways to integrate participatory rights into everyday teaching and learning activities. We strive to promote a culture of active engagement, collaboration, and shared decision-making, allowing young children to have a genuine influence on their educational experiences.

Ultimately, we aim to create classroom environments where children's voices are not only valued but actively integrated into the teaching and learning processes. Through our research findings and recommendations, we aspire to contribute to educational policy and practice in Wales, the UK and the wider global community. 

By conducting rigorous research and engaging with key stakeholders, including teachers, education authorities, and young children themselves, we are committed to advancing understandings of how pedagogic practices can best support and embed participatory rights for children aged 5 to 7 years old in the lower primary setting in Wales.